Smart TV Set-top box,360 Degrees of High Transparency/White,Simulating Crystal Box

Product Feature

Panasonic products are required to meet 300 hours of exposure to neon lights. White discoloring is extremely subtle, and the quality must meet the special requirements of Panasonic.

The 2-shot product is covered with a 3-MM thick transparent acrylic (PMMA) material. In the area of 148MM*148MM, it should not have any bubble.

The surface of the product is required to be high polished, it is not allowed to be get any secondary processing ,and it must meet the automatic production conditions of the manipulator.

Requirement for black dots compares those in mobile phone factory. No black dot can be distinguished by naked eye.

The upper cover has 4 short walls, with high risk of deforming issue in 2 face gap. But the part must not exceed the deformation limit to meet Panasonic’s requirement.