Liquid Silicone overmolding with PC plastic

What is Liquid Silicone Rubber

Liquid silicone rubber is a silicone material with low viscosity and a “liquid” nature that allows the material to flow through an injection molding machine. The LSR injection molding process is similar to plastic injection molding, but retain the silicone rubber properties after the product is cured.

LSR molded parts are odorless and tasteless. It can offer superior temperature range between -100C to 200C, resistance to tearing, water, and oil, electrical resistance. It is also chemically inert, hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria and mold growth, offers flame retardancy and vibration absorption.

Advantages of LSR

Shorter Curing Time: LSR allows for much faster cure cycles, ranging from 30-60 seconds. When compared to high consistency rubbers during compression molding process which can have 1-5 minute curing cycle, LSR injection molding offers faster production time and output.

Finishing:Well made LSR injection molds do not require trimming as the finished product is usually free from flashes. In addition, compared with compression molding, less post-processing are required after the product is released from the mold.

High Production Capacity and Cost Savings: With its shorter curing time, injection molding process, and less need for post processing, LSR parts can be made much faster, thus offering faster production cycles than typical compression molding processes. The tools may also not need as many cavities. Less labor requirements are also needed for processing of the raw silicone materials and molded parts, thus bringing down the overall cost.

LSR Product Categories

Consumer Health and Food:    
   Skin Contact Applicators
   Baby bottle parts
   Breast pumps

Medical and Healthcare:   
   Skin Contact Devices
   Flow Control Valves
   Syringe stoppers
   Connectors and Caps
   Medical tubings
   Infusion pumps
   Pull Rings
   Gaskets and Seals

Electronics and Industrial Applications:
   Double Injection Housings
   Wristbands for smart watches, smart bracelets for children
   Gaskets and rubber seals

Automobile Applications:
   Plastic to LSR overmolded parts
   Automotive grommets
   Back flow valves
   Air conditioner flaps
   Bellows   Gaskets

WIN LSR Capabilities

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LSR Injection Molding
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